Almond badam slicing machine is kind of Automatic cutting machine. This make in Stainless steel material the machine is safe and long life service.

Almonds slice cutting machine is reasonable design, highly effective and non stop cutting process.

All Rotating parts are dynamical balanced for less vibration & higher performances.

This Widely used in food industries, production of almond cake, almond candy and almond biscuits.

We offer effective price machine.


1) Stainless steel material, hygiene and healthy.
2) Adjust the blade gap to get different thickness slice, the slicing thickness is from 0.3-2mm.
3) The final slices are no broken and with smooth appearance.
4) Few power rate, fast slicing speed and high capacity.
5) By switching cutters, the peanut slicing machine is suitable for other nuts.
6) The cutters can be customized according to the customer’s requirements.

7)The machine will cut the almonds into slices quickly and easily.

Technical parameter

Type : Almond slice.
Capacity : 100kg.
Voltage : 220 Volt.
Power : 1.5 KW.
Slicing : 0.3 to 3 mm.
weight : 150kg.
Dimension : 700mm X 500 X 1500mm.


Demo machine video

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