Best Flange Manufacturer in India – Premium Quality Guaranteed

Metalica Forging Inc. is one of the leading Flanges Manufacturer in India. We provide industrial pipe flanges in sizes from 12″NB to 48″NB. Flanges link pipes to tees, elbows, reducers, valves, and other piping components. We also are one of the largest Flange Suppliers in India. We offer a variety of flange types, such as threaded, blind, slip-on, socket weld, and more. The ANSI B16.5 Carbon Steel Blind Flange and ANSI B16.48 Carbon Steel Long Weld Neck Flange (IQS) are designed and manufactured in accordance with international quality standards. We are also the top Flanges Manufacturers in India. We meet our clients' enormous global needs, which are spread across five continents and nearly 80 countries. due of its high quality and durability. Our BS 4504 Carbon Steel Forged Flange is well appreciated and well-known across the world. We consider our clients to be partners when we offer them our products and services. India's Flanges Supplier In India is utilized throughout the country.The Indian producer of ASTM A105 flanges continually grows its services. We also offer JIS Flanges. We are also is one of the India’s most trusted flange supplier. An ASTM A105 Flange is comprised of carbon steel and is utilized in high-pressure, high-temperature environments. We produce flanges in several Indian cities. MS Flanges Manufacturer In Rajkot MS Flanges Manufacturer In Ahmedabad MS Flange Manufacturer In Surat MS Flange Manufacturer In Pune MS Flange Manufacturer in Bhavnagar For More Detail Website: Product Information: Flange manufacturer