best physiotherapy clinic in lucknow

Physical Therapy is a kind of treatment provided by expert professionals who intend to promote, preserve, or restore the well-being of people through Physical Examination, Diagnosis, Prognosis, Patient Education, Physical Intervention, Rehabilitation, Disease Prevention & Health Advancement. Physical Therapists are also recognized as Physiotherapists . Physical Therapy entertains the illnesses or injuries that put a halt to a person's abilities to move & perform daily life activities in their lives. It uses an individual's history & physical diagnosis to arrive at a management plan, and when needed, including the results of studies like X-rays, CT-scan, or MRIs. Electrodiagnostic Testing may also involve prescription or assistance with specific exercises, manual therapy, management, mechanical devices such as education, electrophysical modalities which include Hotness, Coldness, Electricity, Sounds, Radiations, Assistive Devices, Prostheses, Orthoses,& Others. Besides, Physical Therapy aims to avoid the loss of flexibility before hand it emerges by evolving fitness & wellness programs for healthier & more active lifestyles, providing services to people for developing, maintaining & restoring maximum movement as well as functional ability.

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