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Owns integrated Photocell Sensor shoebox street lights

Owns integrated Photocell Sensor shoebox street lights

Submitted by • March 4, 2020

The led Shoebox fixture has an integrated Photocell Sensor, 3-Step dimming function, Microwave sensor which detects ambient light and powers the fixture On/Off automatically, allowing for more efficient lighting!
California New Policy request led shoebox street light have to need 3 Step Dimming with Sensor in 2017
1)3-Step dimming function
The led shoebox light fixture can achieve 3-stage dimming control, to choose from: Brightness 100% -->
Dimming Brightness (10% 20% 30% optional) --> Off;
Provides two delay times:Full Bright Delay Time and Half Brightness Time;
Daylight Detection threshold and sensing distance adjustable.

When someone enters the room, the Microwave sensor senses the movement of the human body, the light will be 100% full,
when the person leaves, the full light delay time after the light will
enter half bright (10%, 20%, 30%), half light delay time Off.

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