For any web developer, using a linter on any web development project is a must, especially for a robust language such as JavaScript. ESLint is a fantastic extension that is extremely useful, easy to install, set up and use, hence, a react native developer must include it in their react native development projects from the very beginning. A react native developer may disagree with some of the rules, but they can always disable them in the ‘.eslintrc ‘ configuration file, but having some kind of code quality control is going to help developers and their team immensely in the long run. ESLint extension is extremely useful for freelance react native developers, as it improves the efficiency and quality of their deliverables. Also, this extension makes the react native development process much faster and smoother. And faster delivery of high-quality deliverables always puts a freelancer in the good books of the client and helps them to get more high paying projects. If you are a React Native developer, with experience and the ability to deliver high-quality deliverables within the deadline, then you can get react native development projects from quality clients on Eiliana and also Eiliana provides freelancers with the option to stay anonymous on the platform.

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