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Get to know the latest news about “Bhuvanagiri Fort" also known as “Bhongir Fort" located in the Nalgonda district. To find all the exclusive updates about this fort then,... Read More

Saeed khan is a Social worker based in Mumbai. He is very good at communicating with various people and understanding their needs and addressing those. He has excellent experience in... Read More

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Bhavana Gawali – Member of Parliament – Mumbai

I am a five-time Member of Parliament representing the Yavatmal-Washim Lok Sabha. serving as a Member of Parliament for this constituency since 1999. Currently the senior Member of Parliament from... Read More

Congress claimed the PM Narendra Modi-led government could not satisfy the country's aspirations, while West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said Budget 2023 was "anti-people".As soon as Nirmala Sitharaman launched... Read More

There was widespread outrage over the death of a young lady who had suffered alleged rape over two years ago and a journalist from Kerala named Siddique Kappan was imprisoned... Read More

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman's Budget statements have increased the cost of jewelry while decreasing the cost of mobile phones and televisions. As a result, as projected, some commodities will become... Read More