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Natrum Phosphoricum (Natrum Phos) is Indicated in gastric ulceration and digestive troubles. Regulates the acid base balance. It is effective in gout and rheumatic disorders. Natrum Phos is helpful for... Read More

Masood’s Tonsi-Aid syrup alleviate complaints related to tonsils. Used to reduce inflammation of tonsils. Relieves pain during swallowing. Indicated in sore throat after infection. Helps to treat fever associated with... Read More

"Masood’s Tonsix tablets is relieves symptoms of enlarged tonsils Helpful in reduces inflammation of tonsils Indicated in sore throat with painful swallowing Used to treats fever due to tonsillitis""Masood’s Tonsix tablets is relieves... Read More

Rhus toxicodendron Pentarkan Ptk 73 is used for rheumatic muscle and joint complaints. It helps with acute states of tension and pain that occur, for example, after a cold, soaking... Read More